Guest Bios

Katie Griffin

Voice of Sailor Mars

Katie is a Canadian actress and singer. She has had roles in several television movies and feature films. In cartoons, her best-known roles include the voices of Sailor Mars in the original English dub of Sailor Moon, and Alex in Totally Spies!. She is also the voice of Laugh-a-Lot Bear in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot and as a plush toy! She will be appearing both days at the show so stop by and take a pic and grab an autograph with Katie!


Sailor Moon Q&A: Saturday 1:30PM

Linda Ballantyne

Voice of Sailor Moon

For the past 25 years, Linda has been heard in hundreds and hundreds of radio and television commercials worldwide. Her extensive animation career consists of a wide variety of characters including series leads in: Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon/Serena), George of the Jungle (Magnolia), Top Wing (Honu Turtle, Bonny), Max and Ruby (Candi), Zhu Zhu Pets (Star), Mia and Me (Queen Mayla), The Avengers (Wasp), Toot and Puddle (Tulip), Will and Dewitt (Shelley), Disney's Yin Yang Yo (Saranoia, Ella Mental, Smoke and more), Gerald McBoing Boing (Gerald's Mom), Meteor (Sinker), Cyberchase (Wicked), Mischief City (Mrs. Adams), My Big Big Friend (Lilly's Mom), Corduroy (Moppy's Mom), Timothy Goes to School (Fritz's Mom), Air Master (Kaori Sakiyama), Bakugan (Kazarina), Beywheelz (Leader B/Lucy), and Animal Shelf (Getup), as well as various characters in The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Little Charmers, The Doodlebops, Totally Spies, 6Teen, Time Warp Trio, Carl Squared, Bob and Margaret, Girl Stuff Boy Stuff, George Shrinks, etc. She has also voiced characters in the feature films Disney's Lucky Ducks (Reporter), Care Bear's Journey to Joke-A-Lot (Champ Bear), Care Bear's Big Wish Movie (Champ Bear) and Thomas and the Magic Railroad (Percy). Linda was also the "voice of" The Comedy Network for 13 years. Linda will be here both days!


Sailor Moon Q&A: Saturday 1:30PM

Steve Cardenas

Red Power Ranger


Power Rangers Q&A: Saturday 1:00PM

Karan Ashley

Yellow Power Ranger


Power Rangers Q&A: Saturday 1:00PM

Charles Fleischer

Voice of Roger Rabbit

Carlos Ferro

Voice of Dom Santiago and Michael Corleone

Carlos Ferro is one of the leading voice acting talents working in the industry today. A star of the award-winning, best-selling GEARS OF WAR 1-4, Ferro is known to video game fans worldwide as the voice of COG soldier Dom Santiago. In addition to his work on GEARS, he is also known as the voice of Michael Corleone, head of the Corleone family in THE GODFATHER II and Leonardo da Vinci in ASSASSIN'S CREED 2, ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD and ASSASSIN'S CREED ASCENDANCE. Ferro has lent his voice to such well-known properties as FINAL FANTASY, BEWARE THE BATMAN, SCOOBY-DOO, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SPAWN, REIGN: THE CONQUERER, X-MEN: NEXT DIMENSION, TONY HAWK'S AMERICAN WASTELAND, SCARFACE: THE WORLD IS YOURS, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, INDIANA JONES AND THE STAFF OF KINGS, RANGO THE VIDEOGAME as well as the popular CALL OF DUTY, SAINTS ROW and UNCHARTED franchises. Anime fans know him as the evil Thomas Waltham from GOLGO 13: QUEEN BEE. Ferro is also an accomplished actor and club DJ who has starred in landmark television shows such as STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and tours under his DJ moniker "the Domfather."

Miko Hughes

Actor from Pet Sematary and New Nightmare on Elm Street

Miko John Hughes is an American actor known for his film roles; as a child, as Gage Creed in Pet Sematary (1989), as astronaut Jim Lovell's son Jeffrey in Apollo 13 (1995), as a child on the autism spectrum named Simon opposite Bruce Willis in Mercury Rising (1998), and as Dylan (Heather Langenkamp's son) in Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994), as well as his recurring role as Aaron on Full House from 1990 to 1995 and Spawn and Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis, and Kindergarten cop with Arnold! As well as tons of Television roles! Miko will be here both days!